Thursday, 27 March 2014


What began as an attempt to protect a stand of old growth pine trees in 1931 located at Trout Lake,  now known as O.S.A. Lake, resulted in the development of 
Killarney Provincial Park in 1964. 
This year, 2014, Killarney Provincial Park celebrates its: - 


The Introduction to my book "IMPRESSIONS - An Artist's Introduction To Killarney Provincial Park" read: -
KILLARNEY PROVINCIAL PARK is located at the top of Georgian Bay in the Province of Ontario. Unique in its geology with granite shores, quartzite hills, and clear blue lakes, it offers a varied landscape that has inspired and challenged artists long before the park was created. Paul Kane, the Irish Canadian artist, while on a trip west in the 1850s to record the aboriginal peoples of this new land, was one of the first known artists to sketch the La Cloche Mountain Range. Years later, in the 1920s, members of the Canadian Group of Seven painters would discover La Cloche. One of theirmembers, Franklin Carmichael, was so intrigued by the panoramic views from atop the La Cloche hills that he built a cottage on Cranberry Bay and spent much of the rest of his life painting and sketching in the area. The members of the Canadian Group of Seven painters through their many paintings and sketches helped to ensure the preservation of this wilderness area. Since then generations of artists have visited the La Cloche hills to attempt their own interpretation of the wild beauty that is Killarney Provincial Park.

"IMPRESSIONS – An Artist’s Introduction to Killarney Provincial Park", was my my attempt to interpret this unique wilderness area through a selection of drawings and sketches made over a period of several years. Due to budgetary restrictions, however, we were limited to the number of images( approximately 100) that we were able to include in the book. So, within the postings to follow, in addition to revisiting some of the grey scale sketches and drawings included in the book, we'll introduce you to some of those that weren't included.

To be continued............

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