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Peck Lake Trail  Graphite Field Sketch 1998 
There are many hiking trails accessible from Hwy 60, commonly known as the Corridor, such as the Whiskey Rapids Trail – at KM 7.2, Hardwood Lookout Trail – at KM 13.8, Mizzy Lake Trail – at KM 15.4, Peck Lake Trail – at KM 19.2, Track and Tower Trail – at KM 25, Hemlock Bluff Trail – at KM 27.2, Bat Lake Trail – at KM 30, Two Rivers Trail – at KM 31, Lookout Trail – at KM 39.7, Booth’s Rock Trail – at KM 40.3, Tall Pines Trail – at KM 40.3, Spruce Bog Boardwalk – at KM 42.5, Beaver Pond Trail – at KM 45.2 , as well as back packing and bike trails. Over the years we’ve hiked all of the hiking trails several times and on each occasion it’s felt like our first time as we’re continually making new discoveries. In addition to marveling at the landscape and making many sketches we’ve had many encounters with the fauna that make Algonquin their home. We’ve had encounters with moose, black bears, fox, beaver, otters, as well as enjoying many hours of birdwatching. All in all, the Highway Corridor and its many trails, offer a lifetime of discovery.

Whitefish Lake - View From Centennial Ridge Trail     Graphite Drawing

Smoke Lake - View From Hardwood Lookout Trail   Pen and Ink Study

Exposed Roots - Hemlock Bluff Trail   Graphite Drawing

Island - Provoking Lake  Ink Sketch

Provoking Lake is accessed from the Highlands Backpacking Trail.

View from the Highlands Backpacking Trail
Pen and Ink Field Sketch

Madawaska River  Pen & Ink Sketch on beige paper

Cache Lake - View From Track and Tower Trail   Graphite Field Sketch

View North From The Lookout Trail   Graphite Drawing  2013

View South From The Lookout Trail   Graphite Drawing  2014

We could go on and on, but before leaving Algonquin, and the lakes and trails accessible from the Highway Corridor, we should pay a visit to the East Side of the park, the other Algonquin.............

to be continued......................

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