Saturday, 1 March 2014


Some years ago I published an ebook book entitled, “WHERE RAVEN PLAYS – An Artists Guide To Algonquin Provincial Park”. It’s been off the shelve, so to speak, for a number of years, but most of what it contained still remains relevant. 

I’ve copied a quote from the book to act as the introduction to this chapter and the drawings and sketches that are to follow: 

"Comfortable with the idea of making my own visual record of Algonquin I was faced with the question of just where to begin. After all, Algonquin is huge, some 7,700 sq. km., or more. Over the years accompanied by my wife, Sandra, I’ve sketched on most of the lakes and hiking trails around what is commonly known as the “Corridor”, Highway 60, the only road that travels through Algonquin Provincial Park. As the Corridor is generally well known to visitors I decided for the purpose of this book to confine most of my sketching to the Corridor, as well as, various access points around Algonquin. My sketches and paintings begin at Oxtongue Lake near to the west boundary of the park, and then travel east through the Corridor. I’ve also included some sketches and paintings made on some trips of discovery around the Park including Barron Canyon, Achray, Grand Lake, and Rain lake. The watercolours, sketches and drawings span a period of several years, and are a personal record of moments in my life and in the history of a place called Algonquin. They are, as is Algonquin, part of a work in progress. They are my small contribution to the legacy of Algonquin. It is my hope that you will get as much enjoyment from viewing them as I had in making them."

Since we are publishing digital, for those interested, I'm including a link to Jeff's Map  of Algonquin Provincial Park to help with finding your way around the park. As you explore Jeff's Map, and follow my sketches and drawings, you will notice for those of you who intend to explore the park that in the years that I've spent drawing and sketching in the park, I've but scratched the surface leaving much for future generations to sketch and discover.

Over the years I've made many, many sketches, drawings and watercolour paintings of Algonquin Provincial Park. As, for the purpose of this book, we're dealing only with black and white and the shades of grey in between I'll be posting but a few of my sketches and drawings, enough to give you some idea of what the park is all about, saving many more for future postings.

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