Thursday, 14 March 2013


It’s the middle of March and the trees are beginning to awaken. The days are lengthening, and the sun grows warmer. The sap is beginning to run, and buds are beginning to develop. Spring is just around the corner.

I have this thing about trees. All things living for that matter, but trees, well, I simply find them intriguing.

That they don’t run about and proclaim their existence as we humans do, but stand and face abuse and attack from a multitude of creatures, and continue to survive, is actually quite amazing.

If we could communicate with trees think of the things that we could learn. Think of the history to which some long lived trees have been witness.

Although trees are (arguably) sentient we could never, of course, hope to communicate with trees. But, when I walk through a forest at times when there’s a breeze, or a gentle wind rustling the leaves, it’s as if the trees are trying to tell me something so I stop to listen; -


Tree groaning in the wind
What forces dwell within?

Like a sentry standing guard
What have you sensed, what have you heard?

Twisting your branches with sightless eyes
Defenseless against your demise

Tortured by insects and animals alike
Do your groans reflect your fright?

Or are the groans heard in the wind
Your means of telling us what lives within?

Tall Pines  Watercolour Painting

Beaver Pond Trail - Algonquin Provincial Park
Watercolour Sketch

Early spring in Algonquin can be as colourful as in the autumn.
In spring the Red Maples come in to blossom and the forest is a shade of pink.

Spring - Cache Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park
Watercolour Painting

George Island White Pine   Graphite Drawing

Birch Trees   Watercolour Painting

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