Sunday, 18 November 2012


Over a period of several years we took advantage of every opportunity to travel up to Killarney to explore and sketch. We sometimes stayed in the village of Killarney, and sometimes, during extended visits to the area, we chose to stay in a cottage at Tyson Lake. Tyson Lake is located approximately midway between Hwy 69 and the village of Killarney. Tyson Lake is a large lake with several fingers, a bit of a challenge to paddle on a windy day. So, on windy days we’d explore Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek, actually a small river, that originates in Spoon Lake approximately 15km to the southeast and empties into Tyson Lake.

Truth be known we spent quite a bit of time exploring Wolf Creek. Being slow flowing and shallow, and narrowing at times to a 50 meters, or so, it provided wonderful opportunities to view wildlife. Over the years our viewing experiences included bears, elk, deer, otters, many species of waterfowl, songbirds, and birds of prey. It was also a wonderful place to sit quietly and sketch and simply let the world pass by.

Leaning Pines - Wolf Creek  Acrylic Painting

Common Loons - Tyson Lake  Graphite Drawing

Tyson Lake   Watercolour Painting

Middle of Wolf Creek   Watercolour Sketch

Wood Ducks - Wolf Creek    Pencil Drawing

Island - Spoon Lake   Watercolour Sketch

Wolf Creek - Watercolour Painting

Mouth of Spoon Lake   Watercolour Sketch

Neck of Spoon Lake   Watercolour Sketch

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