Monday, 12 November 2012


Raven Soaring Over Whitefish Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

The Raven (Part I)

Raven soared on the wind,
and drifted south to lands condemned,
where crows,
and other creatures,
much despised,
lived lonely lives on land depleted of forests green,
and sparkling waters.
As if to test he called a challenge,
and far below,
a crow was wakened.
Taking flight -
it issued warning.
High above Raven saw the crow take flight,
and struggle to achieve height.
Another crow was soon to follow,
soon another,
and then another.
Screaming threats the crows ascended.
Raven wondered at the mystery,
and wheeling on a thermal was soon ascending,
then higher.
The crows were tiring as Raven caught a northern breeze,
and drifted,
with ease,
to a land of sparkling waters,
and tall green trees.
A land called Algonquin. 


I've always admired Ravens as being secretive and wise. Often time while busy sketching in some lonely corner of Algonquin I'd get that feeling of my being watched and would stop and looking around would discover Raven quietly considering my presence. Masters of flight I've spent many a moment watching their antics as they tumble and soar on thermals. Some fear Raven. I have only admiration. When I hear Raven's greeting I know that I'm home, truly home in the solitude that is Canada's northern wilderness.

Sunrise Smoke Lake
 Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Tea Lake   Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

Lone Pine Whitefish Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Cache Lake   Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Cloud Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting

Found Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Painting

Spruce Island  Algonquin Provincial Park   Watercolour Sketch

View from the Lookout Trail  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Sketch

Peck Lake  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Sketch

Booth Rock Trail  Algonquin Provincial Park  Watercolour Painting 

Sunrise Whitefish Lake    Algonquin Provincial Park     Watercolour Painting

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