Thursday, 21 June 2012


As mentioned in the previous post, in order to promote and sell copies of my book, IMPRESSIONS: An Artist's Introduction To Killarney Provincial Park, I offered to produce thirty drawings, a drawing for each of thirty books,  creating a special edition, so to speak.

When first proposed I had it in mind that it would take about a week to make the drawings, and another day to mat each and to put the parcel together. As it turned out I spent the better part of two weeks doing the drawings. In the end though, knowing that the drawings were well received helping to offset the publishing costs, I considered the time well spent.

11. Killarney Lake

12. Island Killarney Lake

13. OSA Lake From The Crack

14. Killarney and OSA Lakes

15. Kakakise Lake

16. Kakakise Creek

17. Kidney Lake From The Crack

18. The Ridge From George Lake

19. Killarney Lake From The Crack II

20. Killarney Lake From The Crack III

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