Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I own a copy of Mendelowitz’s Guide To Drawing. It’s a wonderful book, no doubt long out of print. I discovered it in a yard sale some years ago, and although I’ve never read it from cover to cover I have read sections and have taken great pleasure in its many illustrated examples. Drawing, you see, is one of my passions. Place a pencil, or pen, in my hand and I immediately look for something on which to make a drawing.
Mendelowitz explains that, “drawings offer intimate contact with the act of creation and thereby permit the viewer insight into the artist’s personality”. He goes on to point out that, “Like notes in a diary, drawings often present direct notation made by the artist for themselves alone, free of artificial elaboration or excess finish.”  I couldn’t agree more.
When I draw I do so for myself. I make marks, explore, and simply enjoy a wonderful creative experience. Painting, to my way of thinking, involves learned technique carefully employed for the purpose of creating product. It might be said therefore that a painting is a wonderful idea lost in translation.
Several years ago I made a series of small drawings to complement the sale of my book, IMPRESSIONS: An Artist’s Introduction to Killarney Provincial Park. I made 30 site-specific drawings providing the opportunity to purchase an autographed book and an original drawing produced by the artist-author. As far as I know the Friends of Killarney Park sold all of the drawings. I’d always wanted to publish a booklet of these drawings as no one had actually had an opportunity to see these drawings other than those that purchased a book and a drawing, and even these persons failed to have the opportunity to view them as a collection. Perhaps, through this blog I can do what I’ve been unable to do in print.
The original drawings were approximately 5” X 7” in size. Some were made on buff colored paper and some on bright white paper. All were made with a 3B graphite pencil. The drawings were specific to various areas in the park.

1. Lumsden Lake II

2. A View From Silver Peak II

3. Frood Lake

4. A View From Silver Peak

5. A.Y. Jackson Lake

6. Island OSA Lake

7. Freeland Lake

8. Chikanishing Trail

9. Lumsden Lake

10. George Lake

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