Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I watched the sixth episode of the National Geographic mini television series “Mars”. Watching the series with flashbacks to early pioneering in rocketry, interviews with the likes of Elon Musk the multi billionaire and owner of Space X, and other promoters of the concept of Mars colonization, it’s as if we’re being prepared for the future.

I’m an older person, so I have to admit that were I much younger I might get excited about the distraction involving mankind striking out for the stars with the first stop being the establishment of a permanent colony on the planet Mars.

 However, I’m old and have been witness to so much human misery, World Wars and the like, that I can only think that there’s something wrong with the idea, and that the Earth’s inhabitants are being abandoned by persons with very selfish motives. Persons such as multi billionare Elon Musk having reaped fortunes from humanity are now willing to spend countless sums to finance, what I believe, is a senseless idea. Humanity is being duped into believing that the colonization of Mars will benefit mankind. How, just how, can it benefit mankind? By discovering alien lifeforms on a barren planet?  And, if this were to happen, then so what? Establishing that we’re not alone in the seemingly never ending universe is a forgone conclussion given the law of possiblities, and the number of possible earth like planets in our universe.

The question also arises as to why humans have to be involved? Terraforming Mars is impossible, and were it remotely possible it would take many centuries to accomplish. And, couldn’t it be accomplished with less trouble by making use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence in its crude form, such as the Mars Rovers, have already accomplished wonders accumulating astonishing data. Artificial intelligence in the form of advance robots would be far superior to humans requiring no artificial environment, would be able to work unencumbered on Mar’s surface without oxygen, and food, and would be able to replicate damaged parts and supplies with 3-D printers. Also, should at some point someone with a conscience back here on earth decide that our energies would be better spent solving Earth’s problems, then the project could be abandoned without endangering lives.

Elon Musk and the like with all their wealth and ingenuity have an opportunity to work miracles here on Earth, the only home that mankind will ever know. This I believe is a far more worthwhile venture than setting out to attempt to accomplish a childhood fantasy.


With Christmas just around the corner, and the apparent absence of Global Warming in our neck of the woods (been snowing like crazy), I’ve slowed work on my book projects. I have, however, made a few sketches that I can share…..

Thumbnail Sketches - Ideas that may, or may not, become paintings.      Graphite Sketches
More Thumbnail Sketches   Graphite Sketches

Somewhere In Killarney                    Watercolour Painting  2016

Islands at the Mouth of the Chikanishing River          (reworked) Watercolour Painting 2016

Near Wawa                                Graphite Drawing

Rough Pencil Sketch    The Giant's Tomb from Awenda Provincial Park's main beach

Northern Landscape      Pencil Sketch  2016

View of Peck Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park      Watercolour Painting 2016

Whether it's politically correct here in Canada, or not, let me wish everyone,
of every belief,

Happy Christmas, 
 Health and Happiness in the New Year!

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