Sunday, 20 November 2016


If you’re old enough to remember the comedy films of  Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy then you’ll remember Mr. Hardy saying to Mr. Laurel, " Well , here's another nice mess you've gotten me into !”, every time that something went wrong.

I spent the other evening watching television programs on the National Geographic channel. One of the programs was entitled “MARS”, a fictional account of man’s first attempt to set up a colony on the planet Mars interspaced with interviews of those who are working hard to make it happen. All that I could think of well, here’s another mess we’re getting into. The other program dealt with the tragedy of human migration in Africa from areas of drought, caused, it is believed, by global warming. (Actually the desertification of the Sahara has been going on for centuries.) Both programs were informative, but disconcerting to the extent that whereas the success of the colonization of Mars depends upon the planet being teraformed, an impossible dream considering the ecology of the planet, this same technology and effort applied to the Sahara Desert could well solve an impending human disaster. (There’s probably no profit in saving Africa.) For the life of me I simply fail to understand the need to go to Mars? I can understand that scientists cocooned in their scientific studies, overwhelmed by giant egos, can ignore other than that which they study. But, why the backers of this lunacy believe that the overwhelming reason for going to Mars and establishing a colony is to preserve humankind in the event of an extinction event on Earth, I’m sorry I just don’t get it. Were I in charge I would abandon Mars, and be satisfied with artificial intelligence preserving our memory, then with the technology available, work to repair the Earth. After all, this place that we call home may well be the closest that we’ll ever get to experience Paradise.

Speaking of Paradise, I’m continuing to work on sketches and studies of Algonquin Provincial Park to be used in my book. I wonder at moments whether I’ll see it to its conclusion? With every chapter I see additional work needed, requiring another trip back to the park. I suppose that’s the thing about art, and working at being an artist, one’s never satisfied with one’s efforts........

Quick Ink Sketch

Graphite Drawing

A View From The Visitors Centre - Algonquin  Watercolour Painting 

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