Friday, 19 June 2015

MY SKETCH BOOK - Pages 1 through 10

Sketchbook 8" X 10" Black Hardcover
In between enjoying a bit of the outdoors, and trying to get the flower garden in order, I've been working away at another book. This one is my attempt to archive some of my sketches and drawings.  I had thought that I would title this one "Shade of Grey". It then dawned on me that many of my sketches and drawings were also made in watercolour, and that if I proceeded with this title then I'd have to exclude a good number of my sketches. So, this book will simply be titled "My Sketches and Drawings". As this book may take awhile to put together, primarily due to the fact that many sketches that were scanned some years ago have become useless due to changes in technology and must be scanned again, I've decided to share another of my sketchbooks in a series of postings.

I came upon this particular sketchbook while looking for material for my book, and thought that by sharing my early efforts it may help to inspire others to take a stab at sketching. I continue to believe that sketching and drawing are extremely important in the development of an artist. Sketching is not only a means of capturing the moment for future consideration, it helps the artist to learn to see.

When sketching keep in mind that, " a sketch is a sketch, is a sketch". It's not suppose to be perfect. It can be as little as a few lines, or a study of sorts, to remind you at some later date of a moment and of possibility.

This sketchbook was begun in the summer of 1980 following my return to my art studies at 39 years of age. I was a bit of a novelty. I was older than everyone in the Foundation year including my instructors. I had something to prove and threw myself into my studies and the need for me to learn how to draw. I sketched and drew at every opportunity......

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