Tuesday, 9 December 2014


It’s one thing to have a space to work in and materials to produce work to sell. However, it’s also important that you create a persona. I’m using the word “persona” rather loosely here. What I mean to say is that it’s important that your art establishes where you’re coming from, or what you stand for. For example, if abstract is your thing then you don’t exhibit high realism. If you’re a wildlife artist then you don’t exhibit portraits…….unless of course they include wildlife. It also helps that you’re honest about your choice of subject matter, and not just doing something for the sake of being in vogue. After all many of your customers will think of your art as something that might appreciate in value, and that you’re genuine in your choice of subject matter.

I am a naturalist, an avid birdwatcher, and someone who not only appreciates our natural heritage, but someone who has worked, and continues to work, to protect and preserve our natural heritage. It’s important to me that the subject matter in my paintings and prints is accurate, and that it comes from an honest experience.

Over the years we’ve paddled, hiked, and driven many, many miles to experience nature. We’ve gone through several canoes, many pairs of hiking boots, and a few vehicles to gain experience suffice to be considered a nature artist. It’s part of the price if one is to approach their art with a modicum of honesty.

One should really think things through before jumping into the fray. Teachers, art instructors, are wonderful people, but most are caught up in the romance of art not its realities. The business of art is complex and difficult at best. I got into it back in the 1980s at which time there was a bit of a renaissance going on in North America. It’s another century now and the world is much changed. Many of the galleries have closed, a good number of the festivals have ceased, and everything has gone digital.

Drake Bufflehead Duck Profile    Watercolour Painting

Male Downy Woodpecker  Watercolour Painting

Drake Mallard   Watercolour Painting

Heading South (Canada Geese)    Watercolour Painting

Red-breasted Nuthatch and White Pine  Watercolour Painting

Snowy Owl   Acrylic Painting

Spooked Drake Mallards           Watercolour Painting

Red-breasted Nuthatch   Watercolour Painting

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