Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Writers experience what they refer to as "writer's block", a period of time when inspiration fails. Artists, well we just come up blank. We're capable, but we go through periods where we wonder why we're doing what were doing. There are moments when we feel that what we're producing is simply not good, or not good enough, and we loose confidence and feel a lot of self pity. I'm no different. I'm growing older and feel at times that I'm simply fading away. In fact the other day I read that old artists don't die, we just fade away. So, while I'm fading away, I lose myself in sketching and doodling memories of places been, and places dreamed.....

Island Kearney Lake, Algonquin Park

Island Oxtongue Lake, Dwight, Ontario

Northern Ontario Landscape  

Costello Lake, Algonquin Park

Northern Ontario Landscape

Frood Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

Island - Georgian Bay, Ontario

Tea Lake  Algonquin Park

Awenda Provincial Park

A bit of an update regarding my book publishing with Blurb.ca . WHERE RAVEN PLAYS has still to be reformatted to epub. THIRTY PLUS ONE has been published and is available in both print, and as a free epub download for those of you employing IPads and IPhones devices. I had announced that my next venture into publishing would be titled SHADES OF GREY. However, I'm still debating whether I should restrict the contents of my next book to mono chromatic sketches and drawings, or go for something different involving paintings as well as drawings and sketches titled WHISPERING WINGS & OTHER THINGS. Time will tell. 

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