Sunday, 27 July 2014


Most of us who aspire to be artists, and to be recognized as such, will probably be disappointed. This remark would seem inappropriate seeing as how I'm about to promote a book that I hope would encourage persons to embrace sketching and drawing. However, it is a fact that history will probably not remember most of us. But, what’s important to realize is that recognition is not necessary for the sheer enjoyment and peace of mind that can be attained through the act of making art. Sketching should be approached as a means of creating a memory. Whether the sketch lives up to your expectation, or not, the memory created will last a lifetime. Many a time I’ve made a sketch of a scene only to look at the finished effort and thought to myself, how awful it was. But years later when I look at the sketch not only can I see some redeeming qualities I’m transported back in time to that moment and I remember.........the warmth of the sun and the smell of the pines. So, forget about master pieces, forget about trying to impress the family, and just sketch and paint and make a wonderful memory.

I've made many memories over the years and it is my concern that one day, when I fade away, so too will my many sketches and paintings. So, with this in mind I recently put together a few words and a number of images and publish in print book form. I made a small book titled, WHERE RAVEN PLAYS. Some might remember that 12 years, or so, ago I created an ebook of similar title, meant to be an artist's guide to Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park. Since then I've followed raven to other wilderness place and having created many more sketches and paintings I decided archive a few of my efforts to be shared with persons who still hold dearly to the printed book.

I published through, an online publisher who have added the title to their retail inventory. The book sells at the publisher's printing cost. I added no markup as I quite realize there's not a huge market for books of this nature, and thinking to keep the cost as low as possible for those who might appreciate my effort. Anyone who might be interested in previewing the book simply has to visit Blurb's website and search my title.

Lake Superior Provincial Park/Algoma
Watercolour Sketch

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