Wednesday, 12 February 2014


View from the Crack, Killarney Provincial Park – Pencil Drawing


I enjoy sketching and drawing with graphite pencils of varying softness on a variety of different papers. I also enjoy the immediacy of sketching with felt pens filled with black ink.

Drawing with a graphite pencil and pen and ink would seem to be much easier than making a painting with color, but nothing could be further from the truth. Drawing with a graphite pencils and pen and ink requires a great deal of thought, as what is easy to express in color must be interpreted in shades of grey. It’s possible to have two different colours side by side of the same value, but not shades of grey.

I once exhibited commercially. Now retired, I simply make sketches and drawings for personal enjoyment, and to be shared with friends and family. What better way to tell a story, or to share one’s travels, than through a sketch, or drawing.

The following pages contain drawings, and sketches in varying shades of grey, some recent, and some made many years ago. All are memories of my time spent making art.

Ernest Somers  2013

To be continued................

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