Sunday, 23 September 2012


We returned recently from a brief sketching trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We were there but a few days, and as we were staying outside of the park with a long drive back and forth from the park to our hotel, there was little time for proper sketching. By proper sketching I mean lugging an easel and taking the time to make a proper watercolour painting. I was forced to make a pencil, or pen and ink, sketch, take a photo for additional reference, and then hurry off to another potential sketching site. As it turned out between the hiking and driving to various sites, and varying weather conditions (rain and very gusty winds), there wasn't much time to do a great deal of sketching. I did manage a few sketches and upon returning home I've begun to translate sketches into small paintings. The following will help to explain just how I work when pressed for time: -

Katherine Cove - Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

 Pen & Ink on Beige Sketching Paper

Katherine Cove - Reference Photo

Katherine Cove - Compositional Pencil Sketch

Katherine Cove - Lake Superior Provincial Park - 2012

Watercolour Painting   20 cm x 27.5 cm 

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